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New Law Firm Clients

Convert your vanishing web traffic into new leads with one simple widget

Imagine Never Having To Worry About Finding Clients Again...

It’s time to put down your battered keyboard and step away from the world of marketing. Your late nights will cease to be filled with racing thoughts of why you are not showing up on Google. You’ll be able to breathe again and the stress hanging over your law firm will fade away into a distant memory.

Pick Your Ideal Clients

With an increase of leads, you’ll be able to pick who you want to work with. Additionally, you’ll be able to charge higher rates and increase revenue.

Decrease Paralegal Turnover

With the ideal clients, you can significantly reduce stress in the office and create the work environment your team desires. 

Raise Fees & Create Your Ideal Work Week

You might even be able to spend your weekend away from the office and enjoy doing the things you love like feeling the air brush past you as you hit a turn in your new ski boat, shooting mist into the air and laughter as well.

Can a Text Message Widget Do All of That?

This isn’t just a chat widget, no not at all. It’s a way for people to ask their legal questions. It can be easy to forget but your website visitors are plagued with legal concerns that they have no idea how to solve.

Questions about first time legal offenses

Questions about registering a new business with the state

Questions about divorce, retirement accounts, real estate, and more!

You know better than most the type of questions you hear in new client consultations. Turn those questions into new leads

Chat Widget

But Do You Have to Answer All Of The Questions?

No. You decide the direction of the conversation. You might bring them into your office as a new client or send them to a blog post that will answer their question. Either way, with the Zampi Widget on your site, you’ll give your firm the opportunity to capture leads from what would otherwise be vanishing visitors.

Three Examples How Law Firms Have Changed Their Firm With a

Simple Chat Widget

jason m llm

Jason M. L.L.P.

Jason runs a small firm with another partner and 1 paralegal. After installing our widget, they actually started to see leads from their website something Jason never thought would happen.

riche s jp

Rich S. J.P.

Rich spent an average of 8 hours a week writing blog articles to rank on Google. Although his rankings improved, his efforts didn’t generate new clients. That was until he added our chat widget and allowed his web visitors to ask direct questions.

denise a llm

Denise A. L.L.P.

Denise spent most of her career dreading networking events but went to them anyways because that was how she got clients. That was until she added our chat widget and let her website do the networking for her.

"The Text Message Widget starts conversations between what would other wise be vanishing website visitors and legal professionals. It's simple, it's easy, it's effective. We promise you that this will help you grow your practice and if it somehow doesn't, we'll give you 1 month free of our entire marketing suite."

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Keeton Alder

CEO - Zampi

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