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We Create an Immediate Positive Return On Investment Then Focus On Creating Consistent Organic Growth

We Start With Ads Then Dominate With Organic

The Ad Picture...

$17,700 In Google Ad spend Turned Into $165,000 In New Customer Signups

Most Pest Control companies that start working with us have a relatively small budget. But by using marketing economics and damn good tracking we create an immediate return on ad spend. This builds a solid cushion of new growth and allows for long-term SEO investment. 

The Traditional SEO Picture...

988 Qualified Phone Calls Resulting in $316,160 In Revenue With Just $17,700 in Ad Spend

Once we get a positive ROI with ads, we turn straight to organic methods. This is when your cost per customer drops to near zero and explosive growth starts to take off. For this company, their cost for new customer acquisition went from $61.20 all the way down to $22.40. How fast could you grow if that was your customer acquisition cost? 

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