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Pest Control Marketing Guide

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Bad Reputation of Sales Script

Sales scripts have always had bad reputation throughout the years for several reasons:

  • Robotic and Unauthentic Delivery
  • Lack of Flexibility
  • Failure to Address Objections
  • Unable to Build Rapport
  • Outdated

And many more. 

So if your sales script is all of the above, is it better to just say goodbye to sales script rather than just having a bad sales script?

Absolutely no! Having no sales script at all is as bad as having a bad sales script. If your company has no sales script at all you’re missing out on many opportunities to close any deal whenever you talk to your customers. 

Without a script, sales interactions may lack consistency, especially if you have different sales person talking to different customers. In the absence of a script, salespeople might forget to highlight essential product features, benefits, or key selling points. One might give the best sales speech, while others may forget key information. 

Let Me Tell You Why I am Giving Away My Secret Sales Script For Free

We’ve all been there. Sometimes we don’t know what to respond, forget to tell key information, lost your train of thought, experience mental block, or lose confidence. 

Whichever the reason may be, they can all potentially put at risk of losing a customer. Losing customers mean losing sales. Even many of our clients have already lost sales because of this. That’s why we created the perfect sales script for them and their staff to use. 

You can know your business and its products and services by heart but the big question is “how can you effectively market them?” However, fear not, this sales script wouldn’t be another thing you need to memorize. Think of it as a only a guide. You don’t have to read word-for-word and sound like a robot.

I had discovered a secret formula of what a perfect sales script could be

There is no one-size-fits-all sales script. Although this sales script is for pest control companies, not all pest control companies have the same customers, offer the same services, and serve on the same place. 

Sales script shouldn’t be something that would overwhelm any sales person thinking that they need to memorize word-for-word. Every customer is different; their concerns vary from one another. A perfect sales script should allow the sales person have a room to adapt on whatever their customer will respond to them. 

A sales script should not be a rigid rules but rather a guide that can be customized based on the customers’ different situations. It should just be a way for the sales person to drive the conversation on the path they want to – converting the customer.

Keeton Alder

About Keeton Alder

Considered the #1 authority on engineering profitable route density through customer acquisition campaigns in the pest control industry. Keeton Alder is the expert other marketers go to when their campaigns are not converting and they are about to lose the customer

Where Can We Send You The Sales Script?

Will This Actually Help Convert Customers?

In a world filled with false promises and large claims, we let our work do the talking for us. Here is what some of our clients have said about our marketing secrets. 

We get over 80 organic phone calls coming in a month. I love GrowthBound Marketing!

Pestcom Pest Management

We are in a small town and there isn’t a lot of internet traffic for pest control but the organic methods GrowthBound taught us have been super effective in growing. We are now expanding into two more towns!

Defend Pest & Lawn

I never thought that organic customers would out perform our ads but I love that they do! We are growing faster than we can hire

Thrive Pest Control

Envi Pest Control

We used to be a massive door-to-door company and I am happy to say that all of that has changed. Now we just have to show up to work and people call us automatically.

Envi Pest Control

Keeton Alder at GrowthBound Marketing

Here is the truth...

If case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s the deal: I obsessed over driving online sales for pest control companies for 10 years and I took all of my hacks, secrets, and hidden formulas and compiled it into the Perfect Sales Script for Pest Control Companies and Their Office Staff  for you to steal and implement in your business absolutely free.  


Because when I was a kid my parents abandoned me. I was raised by my aunt and uncle who were small business owners and they were only able to do so because their business was doing well. Sure, I could go work for Apple, Google, or another giant tech company but I don’t want to. I don’t want to because when I sell a pest control service through digital marketing I am helping a real person solve a real problem. And I am driving revenue to a small business that might be able to let their office assistant go home early on a Friday to make it to their son’s football game. And that is good enough for me because every time I looked into the stands under those Friday night lights, I never got to see my parents. So, if this sales script doesn’t help you grow your business I will buy you a bottle of Jack Daniels as my way of apologizing for wasting your time. 

Where Can I Send You The Perfect Sales Script

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