Forterra Pest Control Case Study:
Making Big Wins With Limited Budget

The Challenge: Establishing a Local Pest Control Company In a Massive Metroplex

After acquiring a small local pest control brand, Forterra was ready to hit the gas on growth. They knew paid ads would earn them customers quickly, but GrowthBound Marketing recommended a mixed strategy of paid and organic marketing in order to maximize ROI. GrowthBound took a small budget for on-page SEO and blew Forterra’s expectations for traffic and customer acquisition out of the water.

Local pest control brands need to stand out somehow. They can’t blanket the city in billboards or blow their annual advertising budget in one month. What’s the play?


$30 Cost Per Lead

Drastically below the industry average, these affordable leads prove a strong ROI for Forterra.

2.8K Ranking Keywords

Including for competitive keywords such as "best pest control dallas"

30+ New Leads Monthly

And that number keeps on growing — even during the off season.

125% Year-Over-Year Organic Growth

Since taking the reins, GrowthBound has increased organic traffic exponentially.

The Solution: Build in the Background

The ambitious profit goals of Forterra sat before them like a steep hill. Leaning on the moderate success of the brand they acquired, Forterra had several things working for them. One thing that wasn’t? An effective digital strategy. 

A new website and paid ads were working well, but without an excessive budget for paid ads, growth goals remained out of reach. Forterra needed an omnichannel strategy that brought in clients at a fraction of the cost of Google Ads. GrowthBound’s proposed SEO strategy came just in time.

Capture Organic Leads

GrowthBound optimized Forterra’s site with strategic actions, including: 

  • Redoing the site structure around pillar pages
  • Creating quality pillar pages for all important pests 
  • Writing blogs to target long-tail keywords
  • Speeding up the site
  • Fixing on-page SEO errors
  • Building a healthy backlink profile

Forterra jumped from about about 60 visitors a month to more than 300 — in just two months. And that wasn’t just a fluke of a month. Those numbers have remained high for six months, now surpassing 1,300 monthly visitors. 

The Results: Free Traffic From a Well-Positioned Site

It’s undeniable that a shift toward organic marketing is increasing sales. Site traffic is up 125% year over year. The best part is that most of this traffic is coming for free. Once pest control brands do the work of building a quality site with great content, they can enjoy free traffic.

Not only are the phone calls GrowthBound delivers cheap, they are also qualified leads. Keywords like ‘pest control near me’ would typically cost a pest control company thousands a month. Instead, Forterra has traffic flooding in — organically.

As the home page, pillar page and blogs continue to rank, free leads will continue to flood Forterra’s business. They’ve already seen a consistent 30% MoM increase in ranking keywords. 

Now, that Forterra has reached their initial growth goals, they can set their sites even higher. And with a tried-and-true marketing strategy, it’s a near-guarantee they will reach their next growth milestone.

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