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Paid Online Advertising For Pest Control Companies

For pest control businesses, immediate visibility is key. Google’s advertising services—including Local Services adsGoogle Guarantee, and traditional Google Ads—are essential tools. They offer a direct connection to potential clients at the critical moment they face a pest issue.

Google Ads are particularly effective, attracting leads who are urgently seeking solutions for infestations, thus simplifying the conversion process.

While other advertising methods like Facebook ads, outdoor billboards, radio commercials, and local event signage exist, they don’t perform as well as Google’s offerings regarding conversions.

Google’s advantage is its role as a go-to source for information. Properly researched keywords can place your ads in front of local clients, driving sales. Pest control advertisements on Google also help you reach new and loyal clients in your area, as most people turn to Google for local service searches.

An added benefit of Google’s ad platform is the ability to exclude existing clients or those of competitors by using negative keywords, ensuring your ads target new leads.

By leveraging these strategies, pest control companies can significantly improve their online presence, attract high-quality leads, and efficiently expand their customer base.

The Benefits of Local Services Ads for Pest Control Businesses

There are tons of pest control marketing ideas spread throughout the pest control industry, but sometimes you have to keep it simple and just place your pest control website in front of potential customers when they are looking for pest control services. That is the power and beauty of Pest control ads — instead of paying for a billboard that spans the interstate, you are concentrating your advertising campaigns and advertising dollars to show your message to those who need your services. When you use Google to drive website traffic to your pest control business online you don’t need any fancy pest control advertising ideas that are hard to pull off. Instead, you need a simple landing page that has a strong call to action and an offer that is better than your competitors or other pest control businesses in your area.

When you nail down your messaging, you can expect to pay around $30 to $40 per qualified lead in your lead generation efforts. 

Running pest control ads is pretty simple when you take a step back to look at the entire process. The first thing you are going to need to do is to create an ad account inside of Google. Then you will need to create a great landing page that is simple and pest specific that you will point your ad to. Finally, you need to have a phone number that has tracking on it and that reports back to Google when a conversion happens. That is it. it is pretty simple.

The difference between a great campaign and a poorly executed campaign is in the details and is hidden in the basic information that you put into your ad, your landing page, and what your potential customers put into Google search. You need to make sure that everything lines up so that your conversion rates skyrocket and your cost per lead plummit to the floor.

Your Pest Control Ads Questions Answered

This depends on your pest control business and how competitive other pest control businesses are with their advertising. However, a good, general rule of thumb is that you should be spending 15% of your revenue on marketing, and a large portion of that should go toward Google Ads. A strong and healthy budget like this will create continuous growth, year over year. However, you should look at your business and your business growth goals to make sure you are following accurate data.

No. Google has the SERP or search engine results page split up into a couple different categories and ads and SEO or search engine optimization are different. This is why GrowthBound recommends that you should work on SEO and Google Ads at the same time, as Google ads are more of an immediate result, while SEO will take longer to take effect.

When running pest control ads to get pest control leads there are a couple of different strategies but the one that GrowthBound Marketing likes to follow is a sequence of three different types of ads. At first, we run a traffic campaign to get the cheapest clicks possible. After a little while, once we have trained the Google Ad Platform how much a conversion should cost, we switch it up and have Google optimize the traffic to only send our clients website traffic that should convert. This will keep your lead cost low and give you a ton of runway to scale your budget to beat out your competitors.

While running traffic campaigns we also recommend that you run local service ads and general branding campaigns so that your cost per lead will drop over time.

If you have a new pest control company and don’t have a strong online presence or a strong door-knocking sales army, then yes. This is because you can set up an ad campaign and have potential customers calling your pest control business the same day. But if you are looking for long, sustainable growth than pest control ads should be only one of your many marketing strategies.

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Why Choose GrowthBound As Your Pest Control SEO Agency

Pest control companies have many options when it comes to getting more customers and selling more pest control services, but pest control advertisements are something you should consider. The reason is that you can track every penny and ensure that it will grow your business. But, you must have someone running your ads that know exactly what they are doing because if you don’t, mistakes can be costly. In fact, we have a saying that you can pay someone who knows what they are doing or pay Google or Zuckerberg while you learn how to do it yourself. And if we are speaking honestly, you have better things to do than learn how to run Google Ads or social media marketing strategies.

At GrowthBound, our goal is to make your phone ring constantly with qualified business leads that you won’t even have time to hope in a meeting to see how things are going. We’re good at accomplishing this goal and are so confident that we can offer a 90-day guarantee. Or simply put, if you are not profitable in the first 90 days, then we will work for free for the next 90 days or until you are profitable.

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