Pest Control Google Ads

Google Ads For A Local Pest Control Company

Goal: Decrease cost per lead and generate a positive return as fast as possible.

A pest control company in the upper North West had worked with advertisers in the past with little to no success. They tried hiring niche specific agencies, but the basic copy and paste templates didn't work. They then moved to a premium agency, hoping that by paying top dollar they would put them on the map and capture market share. When that failed as well, they were about to give up on digital marketing all together.

That was until a friend introduced them to GrowthBound Marketing. Now, they are dominating Google & converting web visitors into traffic on auto-pilot.


Google Ads


Phone Calls

Return On Ad Spend

10.9x ROAS

Avg. Conversion Rate


The Challenge

This company couldn’t find a predictable flow of clients and had tried radio, Google Ads, pest control SEO, and almost every other marketing strategy in the book.

When they first spoke with us, they were about ready to give up on digital marketing. They had tried to work with other marketing agencies in the past and nothing was bringing their cost per customer acquisition into a reasonable range. They were about to go back to paying high commissions for door-to-door salesmen.

Shortly after gaining access to their accounts, it was clear as to why nothing in the past was working. Their digital assets were riddled with road blocks that were stopping potential customers from becoming long-lasting paying customers.

What We Did

To put Pestcom on the map and to capture customers at a rapid, predictable rate, we took a 3 prong approach.


Complete website rebuild — It isn't often when a website needs to be stripped down to just the DNS records and built from the ground up but this was one of those times.


Implementation of sound copy & advanced analytics — Once we had the site up, we rewrote their web copy to match their target audience and tracked every click to guide us while we made the necessary adjustments to improve conversions.


Smart Bidding — Instead of targeting high intent keywords that also come with a high price tag we relied on our copy and website design to do the trick. We bid for low cost keywords and guided the users down the page until they were ready to pick up the phone and call.

The Result

We were blown away and infact, this campaign changed how we approach Google Ads.

Return On Ad Spend

Over the years, our ROAS has been as high as 70x but averages around 10.9x year round.

Cost Per Customer

In just a few short months we slashed their cost per new customer by 200%

Conversion Rate

Even by targeting keywords with less intent, our conversion rate remained at a constant 38.8% but often has monthly spikes up to 50%

These Guys Rock!

The best part about working with GrowthBound is the fact that we don't have to worry about our website, content, or digital strategy. These guys rock! We'll meet with them about twice a month to go over our reports & current campaigns but if I am being honest, I forget to read the reports because I am too busy answering phones and taking care of new customers!

— Landon Cooley

CEO, Pestcom Pest Management

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