Pestcom Pest Control Case Study:
Accelerating Growth in a Growing City

The Challenge: Keep Up In a Rapidly Shifting Market

For the first year or two of operation, Pestcom was happy with moderate growth. GrowthBound helped set up a simple WordPress site, focused on modest SEO growth, and managed a $1,500 Google Ads budget. The company ran smoothly and growth was consistent. 

But soon, Pestcom was ready to accelerate. They immediately turned to GrowthBound, who had proved themselves as a partner with their in-depth knowledge of the pest control industry. 

Pestcom had a strong reputation as a foundation, but as the city of Boise boomed from population growth, competition was rapidly becoming fierce. The cost-per-click on keywords rose exponentially, and competitors were investing rapidly in digital-first strategies. In order to survive, Pestcom needed to innovate. 


$12 Cost Per Lead

Some targeted Google Ad campaigns brought in new leads for as low as $12. We average $50 per lead across all campaigns.

7K Monthly Organic Visitors

An SEO-focused website brings in thousands of visitors at no cost, and traffic doubles every year.

900+ Annual New Leads

For the last few years, GrowthBound has consistently brought in hundreds of unique leads annually.

4.9 Star Rating

More than 700 reviews and a near-5-star rating help Pestcom rank on Google Maps.

The Solution: Digital-First Strategy with a Local Spin

The framework for a healthy digital strategy began with a fast, efficient, high-converting website. GrowthBound created a custom code site to increase security, speed, and SEO potential for Pestcom. The site was designed around a pillar strategy, with strategic blogs and pages supporting core location and pest pages. 

GrowthBound also applied an advanced backlink strategy to target national and local links. By launching scholarships, community initiatives, and sponsoring local nonprofits, Pestcom secured its spot as a competitive brand with a local core. 

Maximize ROI on Ad Spend

With SEO working in the background to bring in organic traffic, Pestcom chose to double its investment on paid traffic. The goal was two-fold — get conversions and build a brand. 

GrowthBound honed the campaigns before turning up ad spend and flooding Pestcom with new leads — all for a fraction of the cost of industry standards. 

Pestcom also wanted to invest in brand building to ensure everyone in Boise knew the company’s name. GrowthBound created a series of commercial-grade animated marketing videos that portrayed cockroaches as mafia characters losing their territory to Pestcom. 

The Results: A Stronghold Company with Predictable Growth

Pestcom has captured a lot of the market share in Boise, and growth continues month over month. Established in a booming city, Pestcom has the firm foundation it needs to keep dominating. 

Its strong keyword portfolio attracts thousands of monthly organic visitors, while established Google Ad campaigns maintain consistent paid traffic. The brand-building campaign helped further cement Pestcom’s reputation in the Treasure Valley. 

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