Pestcom Pest Control Case Study:
Accelerating Growth in a Growing City

The Challenge: Keep Up In a Rapidly Shifting Market

In its initial years, Pestcom experienced steady growth, content with the progress achieved through a basic WordPress website and a modest approach to SEO, all within a budget of $1,500 for Google Ads. This period of stability was marked by consistent expansion and smooth operations.

However, as the competitive landscape intensified, Pestcom sought to shift gears and propel its growth. With a solid reputation in the pest control industry and a burgeoning Boise market, the company recognized the need for a strategic pivot. They entrusted GrowthBound, a partner renowned for its profound industry expertise, to lead this transformation.

The digital arena in Boise was evolving rapidly. A population surge led to fierce competition, and keyword costs skyrocketed. Competitors swiftly adopted aggressive digital-first strategies, making it clear that innovation was not just an option for Pestcom—it was a necessity for survival.

GrowthBound was poised to guide Pestcom through this digital metamorphosis, leveraging advanced SEO tactics and innovative marketing strategies to ensure Pestcom remained competitive and set new industry standards.


$12 Cost Per Lead

Some targeted Google Ad campaigns brought in new leads for as low as $12. We average $50 per lead across all campaigns.

7K Monthly Organic Visitors

An SEO-focused website brings in thousands of visitors at no cost, and traffic doubles every year.

900+ Annual New Leads

For the last few years, GrowthBound has consistently brought in hundreds of unique leads annually.

4.9 Star Rating

More than 700 reviews and a near-5-star rating help Pestcom rank on Google Maps.

The Solution: Digital-First Strategy with a Local Spin

The framework for a healthy digital strategy began with a fast, efficient, high-converting website. GrowthBound created a custom code site to increase security, speed, and SEO potential for Pestcom. The site was designed around a pillar strategy, with strategic blogs and pages supporting core location and pest pages. 

GrowthBound also applied an advanced backlink strategy to target national and local links. Pestcom secured its spot as a competitive brand with a local core by launching scholarships, community initiatives, and sponsoring local nonprofits. 

Maximize ROI on Ad Spend

Pestcom, leveraging the power of SEO to attract organic leads, boldly decided to amplify its paid advertising efforts. The objective was clear: to enhance conversion rates and establish a dominant brand presence.

Before increasing the ad budget, GrowthBound meticulously refined the advertising campaigns, ensuring maximum efficiency. The result? A surge of new leads for Pestcom was achieved at a cost well below the industry norm.

Understanding the importance of brand recognition in the bustling city of Boise, Pestcom didn’t stop at just conversions. They embarked on a creative journey with GrowthBound to produce high-quality animated videos. These unique commercials featured cockroaches as comical mafia characters being ousted by Pestcom, embedding the company’s name in viewers’ minds.

The Results: A Stronghold Company with Predictable Growth

Pestcom has captured a significant share of the market in Boise, showcasing remarkable growth that compounds month after month. Pestcom is poised for continued dominance in a rapidly expanding city thanks to its solid foundation.

The company’s robust keyword strategy draws in thousands of monthly organic visitors, a testament to its strong online presence. Complementing this, well-established Google Ad campaigns ensure a steady flow of paid traffic, contributing to a comprehensive digital marketing approach.

Moreover, Pestcom’s strategic brand-building initiatives have significantly bolstered its standing in the Treasure Valley, reinforcing its reputation as a trusted name in the industry.

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