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Search Engine Optimization For Pest Control Companies

If you have read our other blog articles then you’ll know that we are a strong believer in the economics of marketing. If you’re not frequently consuming our content then you might ask yourself “The economics of marketing… What is this guy talking about?” 

You see most small businesses and even mid-sized businesses don’t have millions of dollars to throw behind a marketing campaign. They have a couple of thousand dollars a month max, and every last penny of that budget counts. 

So, when you dig into the economics of marketing the goal is to stretch your budget further and get more customers for the same budget. 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a fantastic way to do that. This is because SEO for pest control companies works while you are sleeping, and it doesn’t require massive amounts of capital to reel in customers day after day. 

So what is SEO? SEO is one of the many acronyms used in digital marketing but it might just be the most important one.  In laymen’s terms, it means to make your phone ring because customers can find you on Google. 

But implementing SEO is going to require a little bit more knowledge and a strong strategy if we want to be effective in our efforts. Before we dive into the dirty details, let’s first take a look at what happens when someone types in “best pest control company near me”. 

let’s break down the search result page or what is commonly referred to as SERP — Search Engine Result Page.

Breaking Down The Search Engine Result Page For Ranking Success

When Google receives a search query, its program quickly uses A.I. or artificial intelligence to read and understand the words and then find the most appropriate web pages for that specific query.

You see, Google knows that its customers are coming to their search engine to find information. If Google stops being a dominant provider of said information then its customers will start to go to other search engines like Duck Duck Go or Bing.  

In order to do this effectively, Google has developed and patented some incredible software such as the 2020 AI update BERT, an attempt to truly understand the intent of each searcher. 

Now, you won’t need to understand every single update to rank on Google but it will help if you try to understand what Google’s end goal is and to position your brand and website in the perfect way so that Google picks your website over your competitors when displaying search information. 

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